Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tron: Legacy

My unabashed, geeky love for the original 1982 Tron gets my blood-pumping a little bit when I watch this trailer (once in 3D before Alice in Wonderland and a second-time just a moment ago). The allure of the original for a lot of people I assume lies in the cybernetic, virtual-reality Matrix-like world, which looks great even by today's standards.

I was worried that a reboot would add unnecessary gloss and precision to the technology, but a) I think it looks faithful without being excessive and unfamiliar and b) the fact that this sequel takes place almost thirty years after the original gives the creators and the animation team freedom to expand upon the program that Jeff Bridges now inhabits for good, apparently.

Tron: Legacy will open on 12.17.10 opposite Warner Bros.' Yogi Bear, in what will likely be the first weekend ever to debut two 3D films simultaneously.

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  1. That shot of Bridges looks just like him in the original. Jesus these effects are great.