Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sam Mendes to Direct "Bond 23"

By Chase Kahn

In a career-altering move for Sam Mendes, the 44-year old director has all but accepted a deal to helm the next James Bond installment, with of course, Daniel Craig reprising the role.

Now obviously, this is a major departure for Mendes, whose last film "Away We Go" was literally about a couple wandering the American landscape searching for the best way to raise their baby. It also puts to rest any fanboy wet dream of Christopher Nolan sinking his teeth into the Bond franchise. (I still say Paul Greengrass will get a crack at this thing eventually, right?)

Anyway, the bigger story for me is not so much that Mendes and writer Peter Morgan ("Frost/Nixon," "The Damned United") are now on board, but that Paul Haggis and Marc Forster are gone after the dull and shockingly uninspired "Quantum of Solace".


  1. I had lots of fun watching Quantum of Solace, me and my mom sat back keeping a tally on all the different action sequences they managed to sneak in. We were bummed they missed out on space and underwater, but oh well.

    Though I posted on twitter when I read this piece of news that with Mendes on board, Bond 23 will likely have the best soundtrack of any Bond to date :). Though Julian Stark (whose blog you should check out btw) made the great remark, and now we all wonder:

    Will Bond's secret weapon this time around be a floating plastic bag?

  2. Ehh...compared to "Casino Royale", "Quantum" was just kinda ho-hum for me. Obviously it's not a disaster of any kind, but three big mistakes for me:

    1) Shouldn't have been a direct sequel to "Casino" - start it over. We don't care about Vesper anymore.

    2) Opera house scene

    3) Alicia Keys