Sunday, August 15, 2010

Poster: The Town

Every marketing aspect of Ben Affleck's The Town (Warner Bros, 9.17) is reminding me of The Dark Knight. It's the bank robberies, the masks, the blue-steel filters, the SWAT trucks, the police uniform that Jeremy Renner wears in the trailer, everything.

Of course Christopher Nolan is thought to be a stylist bearing the marks of Michael Mann, so naturally, The Town also resembles Heat.


  1. Good call! I totally didn't even notice the TDK references, but you're definitely right.

    I'm conflicted about this poster. It's too bizarre to actually hang anywhere, but it does have Jon Hamm's face.....hmm...

  2. Maybe it's because of the similarities to "The Dark Knight," but I am really anticipating this film. The trailer was very promising, and although I'm not crazy about Affleck's "Gone Baby Gone," I still think he has talent behind the camera. (And, for the sake of this film, hopefully in front of it as well.)