Monday, June 28, 2010

No Powdered Sugar?

I ate breakfast this morning at Archie's, a local 24-hour diner just a notch beyond downtown LaPorte, Indiana (a sprawling metropolis if there ever was one). The place was full of senior citizens and Joe the Plumber's and it smelled like an ashtray with the faint aroma of toilet water, but the French Toast ($3.45) was great - go figure. (Although they didn't sprinkle the toast with powdered sugar, sad.)

I also just watched Joseph L. Mankiewicz's Julius Caesar ('53) and found it oppressively stuffy and stagey and histrionic. Sure, it's really well-acted and shot in a first-rate fashion, but who wants to watch a drab, slavish recreation of Shakespeare? I sure don't. Any movie that diminishes Deborah Kerr's presence to a mere footnote deserves a sliver of disapproval.

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