Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spending Day

I've been trying to find Roberto Rossellini's War Trilogy, the release from Criterion that came out last Tuesday consisting of the director's post-WWII works Rome, Open City, Paisan and Germany, Year Zero.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find it in any of my local movie retail warehouses and I refuse to spend $89.99 at Best Buy. The last resort was Amazon.com, which was selling it for $57 all week until today, when the price shot up to $79.


  1. Try Barnes and Noble. I think they have it listed at about $56 right now?

    They're pretty good about having Criterion releases on discount.

  2. Really? The last time I was in a Barnes & Noble I saw "Angels & Demons" on Blu-ray for $39.99 - but I'll take your word for it and check it out sometime this week.

  3. Other movies yeah, not so much, but they tend to be good about Criterion releases. Every once in a while they hold huge (like 25-50% off) sales on Criterion releases for B&N members, but you gotta keep an eye out for it.

  4. Looking to get the Rossellini trilogy myself but waiting for a blu-ray release. I e-mailed Criterion but they are silent: I'm sure they want to sell through their new DVD before announcing a high-def release. DVDbeaver has an extensive and wonderful review!