Saturday, February 6, 2010

'Ondine' Trailer

Neil Jordan's Ondine (Magnolia Pictures, 06.04.10) was certainly one of the most interesting films that played at the Toronto Film Festival last September. It received modest reviews and wallowed around before picking up a distributor last month, but I'm glad to see it did.

Described as an "adult fairy-tale drama," the film chronicles a fisherman (Colin Farell) as he catches a mysterious woman in his nets who at first appears to be dead before magically springing to life.

This trailer doesn't really stir me one way or the other (besides the fact that I love that cloudy, breezy seaport setting) but it looks like it's coming from the right place. Certainly better than The Brave One, no?


  1. I hope it's better than THE BRAVE ONE...what a piece of trash. This is the same director who did the exceptional BUTCHER BOY and THE CRYING GAME??? And I have more respect for Colin Farrell after his performance in Malick's NEW WORLD and the underappreciated IN BRUGES. Maybe Jordan will be back in form this time? (crosses fingers while typing).

  2. I'm actually I huge fan of THE NEW WORLD, yet found Farrell to be dispensible in it. (I've always admired the filmmaking more than they performances) but I'm with you on IN BRUGES.

    THE BRAVE ONE was an utter abomination, I hated it. Here's another hoping for a return to form.