Monday, February 15, 2010

The Cheshire Brings Out Burton's Ire

With Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (Disney, 3.05.10) coming out two weeks from Friday, Geoff Butcher of the LA Times' Hero Complex blog is posting a series of Alice-related articles leading up to its release in 18 days. Today's post unveils how Burton's particular vision of the infamous Cheshire Cat taps into the director's own hatred of those fuzzy felines:

"The Ceshire Cat was a character I had a very specific image of and it's because I just have this things about cats...I have this thing with cats. And with the Cheshire Cat it's a love-hate relationship."
Check out the rest of the Alice in Wonderland stories here, including a particularly amusing chat with Burton about the affects of his actress/romantic co-pilot Helena Bonham Carter and her exaggerated features as The Red Queen.

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