Thursday, February 11, 2010

Movie Weekend: February 12-14, 2010

Three big 3,000+ screen openings this Friday for Valentine's Day weekend - there's something for everyone.

THE WOLFMAN (Universal) [3,222]
Originally scheduled for release last April, Joe Johnston's The Wolfman finally sees the moonlight of day - yeah, I said it. Two delays and 10 months later, the result is an apparently vapid and messy product. It'll still get my money this weekend. 34% RT, 44 Metacritic.

VALENTINE'S DAY (Warner Bros.) [3,665]

More ensemble romance and heartbreak which will undoubtedly bear little resemblance to any relationship on this earth. The effect this film has on our world may be to break up more love birds than it attracts - consider it the worst date ever. Nevertheless, it should open huge. 13% RT, 33 Metacritic.


Based on Rick Riordan's young adult novels, 20th Century Fox made no mistake about their intentions in adapting "Percy Jackson & The Olympians" to the big screen when they hired Chris Columbus (Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone) to tackle the first of five novels, "The Lightning Thief". I'm sure it's decent, but I'm not sure that Fox has a franchise on their hands - smells like The Spiderwick Chronicles. 55% RT, 47 Metacritic.

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