Thursday, September 10, 2009

"See Your Last Breath"

By Chase Kahn

Dominic Sena's Whiteout releases tomorrow, a continuation of the numerous desolate parka-thrillers set on Hoth. Not surprisingly, the film is reportedly awful -- scoring a current 5% tomatometer rating -- and Warner Bros. is clearly just dumping this thing off, covering their eyes, and hoping for the best.

Like I said in a post a few weeks ago, I pretty much threw in the towel on these snowbound claustrophobic artic-horror thrillers after Larry Fessenden's The Last Winter was such a unmitigated failure on every level. I think I gave it one more chance with David Slade's 30 Days of Night, but it did nothing to reverse the trend.
I'd also like to nominate Whiteout for having the worst tagline of all-time: "See Your Last Breath".
Howard Hawks and John Carpenter are rolling over in their graves this weekend.

1 comment:

  1. John Carpenter isn't dead yet so I hope to god he isn't rolling over in a grave, let alone his (that would just be creepy... then again we're talking about Carpenter).

    This movie looked back from the start, only reason to watch would be Kate Beckinsale... Dominic Sena is like the cheap Paul W.S. Anderson (and I mean that in every negative way you can imagine). Gone in 60 Second crapmake, Swordfish crapfilm, oh and he does some music videos...I think they keep hoping he'll magically turn into a Michael Bay? Well he's got the big budget horrible films... just not the profit down pat.