Saturday, September 12, 2009


By Chase Kahn

Jon Amiel's Creation, the opening film of the Toronto International Film Festival (premiering Thursday night) has been getting generally warm remarks. The film chronicles the life of Charles Darwin (Paul Bettany) just before publication of his radical evolutionary theories. However, most describe it as focusing primarily on his relationship with his family, including his wife, Emma played by Jennifer Connelly.

Creation is based on the book "Annie's Box", written by Randal Keynes, the great grandson of Charles Darwin. As of this moment, it has no U.S. distributor -- at least I can't find one -- but surely that will change in the coming weeks.

1 comment:

  1. This would be a hard film to sell in the US unless they concentrate on the dynamic of Darwin and his wife, who was a very Christian woman. I'll watch this because of my overbearing love for Jennifer Connolly, and my belief that Paul Bettany has it in him to be one of the greats if he can get some better films.

    Though the early trailer for this film left me very unimpressed. Lead me to believe this will be another mediocre film from Jon Amiel (The Core, Entrapment).