Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Fantastic Four" Reboot

By Chase Kahn

20th Century Fox is rebooting their own horrible franchise with a third Fantastic Four film. Akiva Goldsmith (I Am Legend, Hancock) is producing and Michael Green (The Green Hornet) is writing the script. Who knows if cast members will be back like Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, etc. etc.

My suggestion would be to cut any and all ties to the original two films because they were corny, cheesy, campy and amateurishly made disasters. Like Edward Norton's The Incredible Hulk reboot, it will be very tough to convince people to take a Fantastic Four film seriously. It's similar to the way Ang Lee's Hulk in 2003 severely hindered the success of 2007's version.


  1. WHAT!? I can't believe you don't see the great sociological issues, deep intriguing discussion on human nature, and pure brilliance that is the first two Fantastic Four movies! You communist swine you! :).

    Anyways is there any other writer out there with a great range between great and crap films than Avika Goldsman? A Beautiful Mind to Batman & Robin.... my god. How do you write both of those films!?

  2. Maybe Megan Fox will be the new Susan Storm, she's supposedly being cast in everything else.

  3. I could see that happening, MVP, as horrible as it sounds.