Friday, September 11, 2009

Captain Jack Spare Us

By Chase Kahn

Supposedly this is the title and release date of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Because Dead Man's Chest and At World's End were so great that we have to dip into that well again. Plus, even though I'm one of the biggest fans of Michael Mann's Public Enemies , I'm losing a lot of respect for my man Johnny Depp.

Each movie turns Jack Sparrow into a bigger self-parody than the one before it. It's getting so bad that I've started to turn even on the original film.


  1. For someone who shies away from the spotlight as much as Johnny Depp, you'd think he's be heavily opposed to becoming a one character actor. He's getting dangerously close to Christopher Reeves and superman he's going to end up playing the character so much. I guarantee right now the ending to OST is open ended begging for a sequel.

    I never thought I'd say this but it seems like Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley are smart and getting out soon.

  2. Personally I love all the Pirates movies, they're just fun popcorn adventure films. And if you're questioning why Johnny Depp wants to keep doing these, it probably has something to do with the overwhelmingly large paycheck. And Orlando & Keira not returning might actually make the next film better in many peoples minds, it will definitely make it less crowded. Interestingly enough neither one of them have done anything remotely noteworthy since, so it might not turn out to be such a great thing for them.

  3. "it probably has something to do with the overwhelmingly large paycheck."

    Exactly. But I would think a guy like Depp would care tremendously about his perception/quality of his filmography -- he's dangerously approaching "Sellout" here.

    The Curse of the Black Pearl was a great action/adventure summer movie, but the two sequels were just bloated, corny, shoddily written failures that looked great.

    By the end of At World's End, and I'm only speaking for myself here, I had literally no idea who was on whose side, who wanted what, what everyone was fighting for -- the Pirates mythology and trilogy peaked into a campy mess.