Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fuqua's Latest

By Chase Kahn

According to Variety, Warner Bros. and Alcon Entertainment have set a release date and fast-tracked Antoine Fuqua’s latest effort, “Prisoners”. The studio will release the film on October 22, 1010, which is based on a script by first-time writer Aaron Guzikowski concerning a small-town carpenter whose wife and daughter are kidnapped.

“Prisoners” is in the early stages of pre-production.

For me, Antoine Fuqua has been churning out generic action titles ever since Training Day in 2001. He reached a new low with the Mark Wahlberg snooze-fest conspiracy thriller, Shooter. He does have a slew of directorial projects on the horizon at this moment with “Pablo Escobar”, “Prisoners” and “Brooklyn’s Finest”, which played at Sundance earlier this year and just recently found a buyer in Overture Films who will release the film on 11.27.09.

Alcon Entertainment will also release two films in conjunction with Warner Bros. in the coming months with the Sandra Bullock vehicle, “The Blind Side” and the Denzel Washington post-apocalyptic actioner, “The Book of Eli”.

"Prisoners" sounds like a starring vehicle for John Cena or Derek Luke. They should play this back-to-back with 12 Rounds or Takers.

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  1. Antoine Fuqua is like a one-hit wonder band. Has a couple lead ins that may entice, then the classic, but after that forgot what made it work to begin with and just fizzles into Jonathan Mostow territory. I sadly keep waiting for Derek Luke to make a career comeback as well... I'm giving up hope.