Friday, April 9, 2010

The Bad

Over the last few days, I've inadvertently been on a bit of a Henry Fonda spree. It started with Fort Apache (1948) before moving to The Lady Eve (1941) and then culminating into watching Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) again.

Of course, in that superb Sergio Leone film, Fonda plays the heinous, murdering Frank in one of the most inspired bits of against-typecasting that I've ever seen, and it's absolutely a career highlight.

Here's Fonda's entrance in Once Upon a Time in the West, which would be considered the greatest scene in the film if it wasn't preceded by one of the greatest opening titles sequences of all-time. (Notice the phenomenal sound design in this scene, as well.)

And here's Fonda in a 1975 talking about getting the role of Frank:

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  1. Who would've guessed that Fonda could make that turnaround from good guy to baddie?