Thursday, April 15, 2010

Criterion July Titles

Criterion has announced their July titles this morning, which is usually like waking up on Christmas, with the exception of today. Among the four titles announced are three Blu-ray releases and one 2-disc DVD Ozu box-set, and I'm really underwhelmed.

July 20th will be Powell and Pressburger day, as The Red Shoes ('48) and Black Narcissus ('47) will both get the high-def treatment. (Although both films are "catalog" Criterion titles, so to speak.)

Next is The Secret of the Grain ('07), which I remember getting a girth of accolades upon its release a few years ago and this disc continues the trend of Criterion announcing 1-2 contemporary films a month under their new deal with IFC Films.

The Yasujiro Ozu two-disc DVD consists of two of his earlier films, The Only Son ('36) and There Was a Father ('42).

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  1. I have the region B blu-rays of both P&P classics and I'm sure you'll be blown away when you see them! I've reviewed both a few months ago when I went through a Powell & Pressburger phase.

    When I read the headline I scrolled slowly down hoping for SEVEN SAMURAI...