Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Current Formula

By Chase Kahn

Marc Lawrence's Did You Hear About the Morgans? (Sony/Columbia, 12.11.09) looks like the biggest give-up of a romantic comedy I've seen in a long time. It's the story of a Manhattan couple (Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant), on the brinks of separation, who witness a murder and are forced to lay low in rural, small-town Wyoming.

Was there any thought to this? How many times to we have to get the city girl-in-the-country hilarity up and running? You've got Mary Steenburgen in a cowboy hat cocking a shotgun, horse-riding, bears, marital bickering, Hugh Grant's twitchy eyebrows and motormouth schtick, Parker's horse-face, etc. Let me guess, through this backwoods hilarity, the couple will somehow rekindle their love?

This will be a failure of epic proportions. It might make money in its opening weekend, but this is single-digit tomatometer stuff -- mark my words. When nothing in the trailer even remotely resembles a well-written scene or genuinely funny moment, it has no shot. When all you have is a Hugh Grant/bear face-off, and that's the best you can do, you might as well not even show up.


  1. Ugh. You know I bet it makes $50million. Middle aged women love Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant, almost as much as they love Sandra Bullock. Though this reminds me a bit of the Tim Allen Kirstie Alley film For Richer or Poorer though they went all the way country, they went Amish.

  2. Okay Univarn. She has her bad days but really comparing her to Sandra Bullock? No. That said, this sounds bad...but Mary Steenburgen could be a lifeboat...or not.