Thursday, October 15, 2009

Trailer: 'The Edge of Darkness'

By Chase Kahn

Martin Campbell's The Edge of Darkness (Warner Brothers, 01.29.10) marks the return of Mel Gibson to the big screen, or rather, on the big screen - his first appearance in seven years. I can't say that it looks like any big deal, or that it looks any better than those French-directed vigilante stinkers like Taken or the upcoming From Paris With Love, but with the cast and Bill Monahan (The Departed) writing the script, it should be pretty decent.

I like how it has this Baltimore outdoors-y pine tree feel to it instead of Parisian euro cars and luxury yachts. As long as the ridiculous factor is toned down a bit, January-revenge thrillers can be handled with care and come out alright.

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