Monday, October 12, 2009


By Chase Kahn

Even though it's a significantly shorter and abridged version of John Woo's Red Cliff, I'm still excited for the Magnolia U.S. release (which is part of the studios 6-shooter film series) which will finally reach larger markets around 11.20.

The Chinese-language 280-minute epic was originally released in its native land in two parts (Part I in 2008 and Part II in 2009) as the most expensive Asian-financed film to date ($80m US). It has since gone on to become the highest grossing film in Mainland China's history ($124m US), although clearly benefitting from two seperate revenue streams.

Generally described by a handful of U.S. critics as an elaborate and expansive eye-popping dreamscape with little substance elsewhere, it's hard to believe that the problems don't stem from this significantly dwarfed version - 150 minutes from 280 minutes.

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  1. You can buy the 280 minute version online through stores with english subtitles (a group of us pitched in so we could all see it in its fullest at a rather cheap cost). I'm very scared about the 150minute version because the best moments in the original are also the most easily cut. It spends a lot of time with the characters, developing them, their subtle issues, and the action scenes are all so much fun.