Friday, September 30, 2011

Why Melissa McCarthy?

There's so much talk these days (especially this side of her Emmy win) of Melissa McCarthy, the hefty sister-of-the-groom from "Bridesmaids," possibly getting in on the Best Supporting Actress race this awards season and I'm at a loss to really understand why.
I really quite like the film (its an irresistibly funny Apataw-brand comedy), but not only does Kristen Wiig give the most complete, subtly amusing and empathetic performance in the film, but the best supporting turn is given by Rose Byrne.
In "Bridesmaids," McCarthy plays Megan, essential a grotesque who burps and farts and waddles, hitting her gross-out high-point when she takes a dump in a sink at about the halfway mark. Sure, she gets the obligatory "Apataw" scene in the third-act (i.e. the pep talk), but when she's essentially delivering the same monologue that Russell Brand has, I don't think it should count - I'm truly baffled by the praise, make it stop!

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