Friday, October 7, 2011

Movieline Sends Love Letter to "Australia"

The folks over at Movieline have a funny, if a bit inconsistent, feature that I try and check out every once and a while, and that's there "Bad Movies We Love" list. 
This 10.5 post digs into Baz Luhrmann's sunset-colored outback epic "Australia" and I couldn't agree more. I remember seeing it Thanksgiving week of '08 as the second-half of double bill between it and "Milk" and I distinctly remember not really hating it all that much - in fact, I was sort-of entranced by it.
Obviously it succumbs to some of Luhrmann's worst instincts and it's an overlong, schmaltzy, throwback historical romance with bland, broad archetypes, and although a second-viewing at home rendered it a bit too difficult to sit through a second time, I remember that feeling I had after seeing it opening day, which was, "that was sort of irresistible in a sense". 

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