Thursday, September 29, 2011

Renewed Interest in "Paranormal Activity"?

I was a fan of Oren Peli's overnight sensation "Paranormal Activity," but I thought the follow-up last year was not only muted in its unbearable tension and creaking-door spookiness, but lazy and imitative. 
So naturally I had no expectations for the third installment, which hits theaters on October 21st, until I realized that it was directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, the co-directors of the Facebook pseudo-doc  "Catfish".
Apparently, I missed this news when it was announced all the way back in May, but if you're asking me, this is an inspired move by Paramount. Schulman and Joost have no experience helming a tentpole horror film, but with "Catfish," the film's  speculated blend of fact and fiction will likely translate well to this found-footage franchise, while perhaps injecting a sense of humor back into this series which sorely missed it in the sequel. 

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  1. I was sceptical of a third instalment but the trailers do look good. I think this one may up the ante and be genuinely scary unlike the second one.