Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hiding "Dream House"

With news today dropping that Universal is going to hide Jim Sheridan's "Dream House" from critics before its release next Friday on the 30th, we can pretty much chalk it up as a dud. 
The trailer makes its clear that this horror-thriller, with its obvious "Shutter Island" aspirations, centers around Daniel Craig's character and whether he is either living in a haunted new home with his family or a just-released mental patient who, in fact, famously slaughtered his wife and kids.
Its one of those highly revealing trailers that doesn't leave much to the imagination, but with this cast and a film of this pedigree, it's very unusual to see it given the stowaway treatment. It's a definite red flag, for sure and possibly another black-eye to Craig's non-Bond career.

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