Friday, September 9, 2011

DVD Catch-Up: "Your Highness" (2011), "Hall Pass" (2011)

After the nearly impeccable, misunderstood stoner action-comedy "Pineapple Express," David Gordon Green stays in his guilty-slack mode with the sword-and-sorcery spoof "Your Highness," a grotesque misfire if there ever was one. 
The film's conceit is admirable enough, a tongue-in-cheek callback briefly conjuring the nostalgic fire-and-armor glimpses of "Dragonslayer" or "Krull", yet the film's base, lascivious sense of humor fits crudely, awkwardly into this genre spoof, turning this otherwise talented team into a laggard, leisurely pack of twelve-year-olds. [C-]
"HALL PASS" (2011)
The Farrelly Brothers bring their suddenly trite and insipid declarations to "Hall Pass," a nasty-yet-spineless comedy about more middle-aged, libidinous men stressing about marriage, sex and the lack of action in regards to the latter. 
Their wives (poor Jenna Fischer and Cristina Applegate) grant them a one-week leave from marriage, though it's they who, in fact, come closer to taking advantage of it than the boys. Its conclusion is a meek, obedient I-love-my-wife snoozefest, but you'll have to sit through gags of an increasingly vulgar variety just to get to it. I will grant it a slight reprieve for its final line, though. [D]

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