Monday, August 31, 2009

Moving Weekend

By Chase Kahn

I apologize for the blog not being updated in the last few days, but this was moving weekend. Which is another way to say that I don't have internet access and even if I did, I wouldn't have the energy or the time to watch/write/review anything.

So I'll just comment on a few post-weekend grab-bag stories.

First off, The Final Destination, a third sequel to the original Final Destination a film saga about the inescapable destiny of death amongst precognitive high school teenagers who wear letter-jackets and Converse shoes, made a nice $28.3 million haul from Friday-Sunday. These films have always been about two things: (a) a really big, gruesome and gratuitous CGI disaster scenario at the beginning followed by (b) a myriad of 18-year olds getting bitten by the reaper in the most unique, dim-witted ways. This adds further fuel to the 3D fire, unfortunately, as The Final Destination played in digital 3D theaters across the country.

Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds made $20 million in its second week, a mild drop-off from its $37 million #1 spot last week. Rob Zombie's Halloween 2, a sequel to a shitty remake, made $17 million and came in 3rd. Anybody who thinks that Rob Zombie is somehow the flag-carrier to new-wave horror needs to get their head examined. The man has made four films that have all proven that he's a rabid, fervent horror fanboy who hides behind his facade of eye-shadow, black jeans, and bushels of unkempt facial hair and doesn't know shit about making movies.

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  1. Congrats on the move :). Was worried I'd have to call in a search party for you :P. Rob Zombie's next project is reportedly going to be The Blob (if he doesn't do H3), which makes me cringe at the very thought...

    I'm wondering though these days would it be more of a shock to an audience to not have a "twist" ending all the time in horror films? Really how many times can people not die, or it be all apart of a master plan (yes I'm looking at you Saw producers). It gets old quick.