Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tango & Cash

Andrei Konchalovsky's Tango & Cash ('89) announces immediately what kind of movie it is with the whole wink-wink Rambo nod in the first five minutes. This is a silly, mindless and completely self-aware buddy-cop action-comedy, so you've been warned.

I know someone who insists that it jumps off the rails in the end when our titular heroes, framed and imprisoned, drive into Jack Palance's drug lair in the desert Inspector Gadget-style with their souped up truck. I, on the other hand, told them that they weren't paying attention and that the last twenty minutes or so fall completely in line with the preceding 70 minutes, like it or not.

What I surprisingly liked about Tango & Cash was that irreverent and completely unpretentious slapstick mood that is present throughout. It's loony and it's schlocky, but Sylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell and their incessant chirping and bickering and unwavering cockiness make it all a fun ride.

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  1. A really good 80's movie with Kurt Russell and Sly Stallone playing rival cops who end up framed in the same prison. They must learn to work together to get out and find who set them up. Russell and Stallone really were great together. Great action and good acting make this movie worth watching more than once!