Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quick Reviews: Green Fire (1954) and The Swan (1956)

"GREEN FIRE" (1954)

A reckless miner (Stewart Granger) is on the hunt for the eponymous emerald in the capital of Colombia, where a beautiful plantation owner (Grace Kelly) grows coffee beans amidst revolution. 
It's spry and flirtatious in the first half, dour and histrionic in the second, but the location-work is consistently stunning including a doozy of an action climax. It's no Romancing the Stone. [B-]
"THE SWAN" (1956)
A princess (Grace Kelly) is pushed by her family to marry the crown prince (Alec Guinness), while her true affections lie with the house tutor (Louis Jourdan). 
It's classy and chic with a touch of lace and wonderfully performed, yet the it's-hard-out-here-for-a-princess final act is oddly muddled, slightly rescued by stirring Guinness monologue. [B-]

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