Sunday, May 8, 2011

2nd Annual WWII Marathon Begins May 30th

Last year I spontaneously partook in a World War II Marathon in correspondence with TCM's Memorial Day weekend war movie binge and I had so much fun that I'm doing it again this year. 
When I set out to make this list, I thought scrounging up another 15 or so films would be impossible given the classics I covered last year (The Guns of Navarone, The Great Escape, Where Eagles Dare, etc.), but let me tell you, there's no shortage of classic WWII films and I'm gonna keep this baby going year-after-year until I see all of them - why not?
Anyway, so for 2011, I've added and subtracted and mulled over about 30 or so titles and came up with a good 16 films for this edition, up 2 from last year's 14. Without further ado, the 2011 line-up (keep in mind, a film is only eligible if I've never seen it - for now, anyways):
"They Were Expendable" (1945) d: John Ford
"Air Force" (1943) d: Howard Hawks
"A Yank in the RAF" (1941) d: Henry King
"Dive Bomber" (1941) d: Michael Curtiz
"Objective, Burma!" (1945) d: Raoul Walsh
"The Devil's Brigade" (1968) d: Andrew V. McLaglen
"Von Ryan's Express" (1965) d: Mark Robson
"The Caine Mutiny" (1954) d: Edward Dmytryk
"Never So Few" (1959) d: John Sturges
"The Young Lions" (1958) d: Edward Dmytryk
"The Night of the Generals" (1967) d: Anatole Litvak
"Operation Crossbow" (1965) d: Michael Anderson
"The Enemy Below" (1957) d: Dick Powell
"Run Silent, Run Deep" (1958) d: Robert Wise
"Attack!" (1956) d: Robert Aldrich 
So there you have it, you can expect a review a day for about a two-week period - can't wait to dive into it once those temperatures start to regularly hit 100 and I'm inside watching some war movies in the house with the fan on full blast. And thank you, TCM for airing about a third of these. 

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  1. Great idea! I plan on watching and reviewing Kon Ichikawa's THE BURMESE HARP and David Lean's BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI.