Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trailer: Abduction (2011)

I have a soft-spot for any on-the-run spy thriller, but John Singleton's Abduction (Lionsgate, 9.23) looks fairly awful for two reasons: 1) it looks mind-numbingly banal, even down to the dialogue ("we'll find you..", "...not if I find you first", etc.) and b) Taylor Lautner looks absolutely atrocious. 

In these kinds of movies the character being chased, the ones being pushed to their limits and fatigued by always having to think on their toes, make the right movies and rough up the baddies when the time comes, have to bring some kind of emotional weight behind their punches and their brief line readings and I can tell you right now that Lautner doesn't have it - no way. I could tell just a minute in that it wasn't working. 

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  1. i love this film =D