Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blu-ray Blow-Out

I remember seeing Brian De Palma's Blow-Out ('81) on VHS in my early years, and now long unavailable on DVD, Criterion's Blu-ray release comes out in three weeks hence (4.26) and an early review from only confirms what we should come to suspect, that's it's a sparkling disc. 
De Palma is one of those "director" directors that Francois Truffaut and the cahiers du cinéma always talked about, a guy whose presence is always felt in every frame and who has complete mastery over every aspect of production and a tireless, limitless knowledge of film and film history.
My personal favorite of his has to be Carrie ('76) for that sublimely executed suspense scene as the pig's blood goes splat, but Sisters ('73), Obsession ('76) and Body Double ('84) are his holy trinity of Hitchcock homage and Phantom of the Paradise ('73) is a wonderful rock opera - I've never seen Dressed to Kill ('80), though not for a lack of trying. 

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