Saturday, March 12, 2011

Review: "Battle: Los Angeles" (2011)

Jonathan Liebesman's bravely conceived yet relentlessly tedious alien invasion flick, "Battle: Los Angeles" offers a unique viewpoint on the global crisis sub-genre, following a small platoon of U.S. Marines stationed in LA. 
It's unique in that Liebesman and screenwriter Christopher Bertolini clearly set out to make a combat/military action film rather than the usual Roland Emmerich globalized mosaic, but the effect is both refreshingly simplistic and irritatingly restrictive.
But the film's framework is hardly the issue at hand because "Battle: Los Angeles" is a film so hopelessly self-serious and mercilessly jingoistic that it plays like a two-hour recruitment video for the Marines. 
Filled with colorless, archetypical characters and banal, stone-faced dialogue, Bertolini's script is all about hoo-rah patriotism and duty and bravery and loyalty and it's all as delicate as a grenade launcher - complete with a snare drum taps score and one-knee'd monologues about honor and glory.
Tired, clumsy writing can be excusable here-and-there (the first ten minutes of squad introductions are about as bad as it gets), but perhaps what's most inexcusable about "Battle: Los Angeles" is how it manages to somehow take the fun out of an alien invasion. [D-]

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