Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Town Extended Cut

So I watched Ben Affleck's extended, 153-minute cut of The Town last night and I was immediately reminded that there's a reason that this stuff gets left out. I think we, myself especially, are victim to treating extra footage like it's found Orson Welles reels from The Magnificent Ambersons or something - it's just not the case.
Basically the new cut of The Town (about 28 minutes longer) adds a lot of dispensable police procedural stuff, more strip clubs and a few more scenes between Ben Affleck's Doug McCray and Rebecca Hall's Claire Keesey, especially in the first half, which feels fractured and sluggish here opposed to the theatrical version. (All of the key action sequences seemed untouched, and there certainly wasn't anything added of any significance in the last 45 minutes or so.)
So despite my disappointment in the new material, watching this extended cut is fascinating stuff from the perspective of really learning how to edit, compose and sequence a finished film, sometimes less is more and too much bare, inconsequential information and material can do more harm than good. 
(I'm hearing that Affleck's commentary on the extended cut is pretty interesting, so I definitely need to check that out.)

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