Monday, January 31, 2011

Flipping the Calendar

With my year-end list now complete, I can finally turn the calendar over to 2011, stop looking at top ten lists in search for something that I missed or that I can pull up on Netflix - I'm done, it's over with, I'm moving on. 
Normally at this time of year, I would have already shamelessly seen "Season of the Witch" or at least "The Green Hornet," but I'm having a tough time gearing up - "The Rite," anybody? 
Oh well, something will come along. I'm going to The Texas Theatre on Saturday (amidst the Super Bowl insurgence here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area) to see "The Other Woman" - not expecting much there. 
Oh yeah, and perhaps - just maybe - Kevin Macdonald's "The Eagle" will be better than Neil Marshall's dull, fake-blooded "Centurion"

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