Friday, December 2, 2011

Thoughts on "The Muppets", "My Week with Marilyn"

"The Muppets" is simply a joyous reunion tour, a get-the-gang-back-together send-off like no other, and I say this as someone with almost no prior exposure to the original TV show and subsequent movie spin-offs throughout the 80 and 90's. 
Jason Segel, who stars in and co-writes along with Nicolas Stoller, brings his doughy sarcasm both behind and in-front of the camera, managing to make the film both earnestly nostalgic and blithefully self-aware - it's hilarious, it's catchy and it's irresistibly endearing. [B]
Contrary to what you may believe, "My Week with Marilyn" is not a sequel to "Me and Orson Welles", although the two are nigh copies of one another, both middling, compelling-but-slim reenactments that will titillate classic film enthusiasts and the non-educated alike, at least for their meager durations. 
Like Christian McKay's Orson Welles personification, Michelle Williams bravely inhabits the title role here of Ms. Monroe, capturing her playful, voluptuous sexuality and her frightfully flimsy self-image, yet the film is so positively scant of any everlasting substance, that it practically wilts as you walk out of the theater. [C]

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